Jewelry is often very special to the people who wear it and can hold a lot of meaning. You might wear them often or save them for more formal events. It doesn't matter how often you wear them; you should always take proper care of your jewelry so that it will continue to look beautiful for many years (or even decades) to come! The topic of how to properly care for your jewelry will be covered in this article on the blog. Everything from sanitizing to storing to protecting against harm will be covered here. Make sure that you read our advice whether you are just beginning your jewelry collection or have been collecting it for years.

7 ways to take care of your jewelry

1.Please keep it away from wood

Please keep it away from wood
Nothing will ruin the look of your jewelry faster than leaving it on a wood surface. The chemicals in the wood will interact with the metals in your jewelry and cause them to tarnish quickly. If you must leave your jewelry on a wood surface, put something down first, like a piece of cloth or felt. When you're not wearing your jewelry, it's best to store it in a case or box lined with soft material.

2.Could you keep it in a ziplocked bag?

keep it in a ziplocked bag
Even if you're not wearing your jewelry, it can still come in contact with moisture and air, which causes it to tarnish. To prevent this, put your jewelry in a ziplock bag and squeeze out all the air before sealing. Before putting your jewelry away, ensure it is dry so that moisture doesn't build up inside the bag. When you're ready to wear your jewelry again, take it out of the bag and allow it to reach room temperature so that condensation doesn't form on the metal.

3.Don't expose it to chemicals.

Don't expose it to chemicals
This one is pretty self-explanatory: keep your jewelry away from chemicals! This includes things like hairspray, perfume, and lotion. Chemicals can cause the metal in your jewelry to tarnish or even corrode. If you must use these products, put your jewelry on after you finish. You should also remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, or any other activity that might come in contact with chemicals.

4.Store your silver with chalk

Store your silver with chalk
Perhaps you have some lovely silver jewelry that you save for special occasions. If this is the case, you should take special precautions to keep it from tarnishing. One method is to keep your silver in a jar with chalk. The chalk absorbs moisture and keeps your silver jewelry appearing fresh and shining. Aside from keeping your silver with chalk, you may also purchase dehumidifiers or silica packs.

5.Please don't wear it 24/7

Please don't wear it 24/7
Even though you like your jewelry and never want to take it off, it is necessary to give it a rest now and again. Natural oils produced by your skin might interact with the metal in your jewelry and cause it to tarnish. Furthermore, sleeping in your jewelry might put undue strain on delicate chains and clasps. Removing your jewelry at night is advisable to allow your skin to breathe.

6.Take it off before exercising.

Take it off before exercising
This one is especially important for people who wear chains or pendants. When you exercise, you produce sweat, and your body temperature rises. This can cause the metal in your jewelry to tarnish or even break. If you must wear your jewelry while exercising, make sure it is made of a durable metal like stainless steel.

7.Avoid leaving it in sunlight.

Avoid leaving it in sunlight
You all know what happens when you leave your favorite pair of shoes in the sun for too long: they fade. The same thing can happen to your jewelry! Exposure to sunlight will cause the color of gemstones to fade and the metal to tarnish. If you must leave your jewelry in the sun, ensure it is hidden away so it doesn't get hit by direct sunlight.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know how to take care of your jewelry, go out and get some! Just kidding (kind of). But seriously, following these tips will help ensure that your jewelry lasts longer and looks great. And who doesn't want that? So don't neglect your jewels - show them the love they deserve and give them a little TLC. Your bank account will thank you later.