If you wear necklaces, especially if you layer them, you'll run into a tangled chain sooner or later. Chain necklaces are notorious for getting tangled and becoming a nuisance to manage, whether they're stowed in your handbag for travel, resting on your vanity, or draped around your neck. Don't worry if you've ever found yourself struggling to untie a necklace; you're not alone. This blog post will teach you how to untangle a necklace in 7 easy steps. Follow these simple tips, and your necklace will look good as new in no time!

Step One: Collect the necessary supplies.

Collect the necessary supplies.


Gather everything you need before beginning. To complete this task, gather a pair of needle-nose pliers, a soft cloth, and something elevated so that the necklace hangs down. Once you have gathered all your materials, find a comfortable place to sit or stand where you can work with your necklace without straining your neck or back.

Step Two: Loosen the Knots

Loosen the Knots

It's time to start untying the knots in your necklace once you've gathered all of your materials. Use the needle-nose pliers to pull apart any knots that you see gently. If there are any particularly stubborn knots, you can use the point of the needle-nose pliers to loosen them. Don't yank on your necklace too hard, or it might break.

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Step Three: Unclasp the necklace

Unclasp the necklace

If your necklace has a clasp, it is time to unclasp it. With this method, you'll have more space to work with the necklace, and it will be simpler to untangle. Once the clasp is undone, gently pull the necklace apart, so you have two ends to work with.

Step Four: Work from the Ends In

Work from the Ends In

Now that you have two ends to work with, it's time to start untangling your necklace. Begin by gently working out any knots or tangles you see near the ends of the necklace. Once those are taken care of, start working toward the centre of the necklace, gently pulling out any knots or tangles you come across.

Step Five: Prop Up the Necklace

Prop Up the Necklace

Once you have gotten all of the knots and tangles out of your necklace, it's time to prop it up so that you can check for any missed spots. Place your necklace on the soft cloth or another surface you're using to prop it up, and gently shake it or run your fingers along the length of the necklace to check for any knots or tangles you may have missed.

Step Six: Clean the Necklace

Clean the Necklace

Now that your necklace is completely untangled, it's time to clean it well. Use a smooth cloth to clean the entire length of the necklace, removing any dirt or debris that may have built up. If you're using a piece of jewellery cleaner, follow the instructions on the bottle to clean your necklace.

Step Seven: Store Your Necklace Properly

Store Your Necklace Properly

Once your necklace is clean and untangled, it's time to store it properly, so it doesn't become tangled again. Whenever you travel with your necklace, ensure it is stored in a secure jewellery case or pouch. Store it in a jewellery box or on a jewellery stand when you're not wearing your necklace.

Follow these easy steps to keep your necklace shiny and new for years! The next time you struggle to untangle a chain necklace, don't fret - follow these tips, and the process will be quicker than you think. Thanks for reading!