Wandering how to wear your pearl necklace? It depends on the style of the necklace and what you're pairing it with. Pearl necklaces are classic jewelry pieces that can be worn in various ways, from casual to dressy. Here are some tips on wearing your pearl necklace to get the most out of this versatile and timeless jewelry piece.  

  • Casual:

A simple strand of pearls looks great with a t-shirt or sweater. You can also try a more funky style necklace with jeans and a leather jacket.

  • Formal:

Pearls are the perfect accessory for a wedding, prom, or any other formal occasion. A classic strand of pearls always looks elegant, or you can try a unique style to add some personality to your outfit.

  • Everyday wear:

Pearls can be dressed up or down, making them ideal for everyday wear. Try pairing your pearls with a button-down shirt for a work-appropriate look or a sundress for a casual summertime outfit.

  • Layering:

multiple pearl necklaces is a great way to create a unique look. Try different lengths and styles of necklaces for an eclectic vibe, or stick to similar pieces for a more cohesive look.

  • Accessorizing:

Pearl necklaces can be worn alone or paired with other jewelry to create a complete look. Try wearing your pearls with matching earrings and bracelets, or mix things up by pairing them with non-pearl jewelry for a more unexpected look.

  • Mixing metals:

You can mix gold and silver jewelry with your pearls for a unique look. But if you want a more classic look, stick to all-one metal.

  • Going bold:

If you want to make a statement, try wearing a brightly-colored pearl necklace. Pair it with neutral clothes to let the necklace shine.

  • Keeping it simple:

Sometimes, less is more. A single strand of pearls can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces for a versatile look.

Pearls are a classic accessory, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Get creative with your pearls and experiment with different ways to wear them. There are no rules, so have fun and see what looks best on you! Whether you're looking for a casual everyday accessory or a statement piece for a special occasion, a pearl necklace is perfect for you. With a wide variety of styles, you will find the one that fits your taste.


Length and Style of Pearls:

Looking good in pearls is about finding the right length and style for your unique neckline. Ideally, a pearl necklace should lay close to your neck, with the center of the strand sitting just below your Adam's apple.

If you're wearing a higher neckline, like a turtleneck or collared shirt, choose a shorter strand of pearls, such as a choker or collar. For lower necklines, like V-necks and scoop necks, go with a longer strand, such as a princess or matinee length. You can also wear multiple strands of pearls at different lengths for a more dramatic look.

When it comes to the actual pearls, there are wide different varieties to choose from. The most crucial factor is usually the size, which is measured in millimeters. Smaller pearls are more delicate and dressy, while larger pearls have a more statement-making look.

Popular Pearl Choices:

Freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls are all popular choices. Freshwater pearls are typically the most affordable, while South Sea pearls are at the high end of the price range.

As far as shapes go, round pearls are the most classic option, but you can also find them in elaborate, semi-baroque, or button shapes. And when it comes to colors, white is always a timeless choice, but you can also find pearl necklaces in shades of black, pink, silver, and gold.


What should be considered while buying a pearl necklace?

Commonly all peoples want to purchase attractive products. So, before buying a pearl necklace, you should keep the following things in your mind.

  • Quality: 

The quality of pearls is determined by their luster, surface imperfections, and size. Larger pearls with high luster and few surface imperfections are the most valuable.

  • Size: 

Pearl size is measured in millimeters and can range from 2mm to 11mm. The larger the pearl, the more expensive it will be.

  • Type: 

There are four main pearls: freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. Freshwater pearls are the most affordable, while South Sea pearls are at the high end of the price range.

  • Shape: 

Pearls can be round, baroque, semi-baroque, or button-shaped. Round pearls are the most classic option, but other shapes can be more unique and interesting.

  • Color: 

White is the most traditional color for pearls, but they can also be found in shades of black, pink, silver, and gold.

  • Length: 

Pearl necklaces come in various lengths to suit different necklines. The most common lengths are choker (16 inches), princess (18 inches), and matinee (20-24 inches).

When selecting the perfect pearl necklace, quality is more significant than quantity. It's better to invest in a few high-quality pieces you'll love and often wear rather than a bunch of cheap costume jewelry that will fall apart after a few wears.


Our Top Picks Pearl Necklaces Style:

With so many different styles, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. But don't worry, we're here to help! Here are a few of our favorite pearl necklace styles to get you started.

  • Choker:

A choker is a great choice if you want something that's both elegant and understated. This style sits close to the neck and is perfect for those with a longer, slender neckline. Chokers can be made with either one strand of pearls or multiple strands.

  • Collar:

A collar is similar to a choker but slightly longer and sits just below Adam's apple. This style is also perfect for those with a long, slender neckline. Collars can be made with either one strand of pearls or multiple strands.

  • Princess:

A princess necklace is 18 inches long and sits just below the collarbone. This is a great choice if you want something that’s both elegant and versatile. Princess necklaces can be worn with both high and low necklines.

  • Matinee:

A matinee necklace is 20-24 inches long and falls at the base of the throat. This style is perfect for those who want a more dramatic look. Matinee necklaces are versatile and can be worn with high and low necklines.

  • Opera:

An opera necklace is 28-36 inches long and falls at the sternum. This style is perfect for those who want a really dramatic look. Opera necklaces are typically worn with low-cut dresses or tops.

  • Lariat:

A lariat necklace is a long, rope-like strand of pearls that can be worn in various ways. This style is versatile and can be worn as a choker, collar, or belt! Lariats are usually made with multiple strands of pearls layered together.


What is the best way to care for my pearl necklace?

Pearls are a delicate material and require special care. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your pearls:

  • Store your pearls in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid exposing your pearls to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or makeup.
  • Clean your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after each wear.
  • Have your pearls professionally cleaned and inspected every few years.
  • Take care when putting on and taking off your pearls. Avoid yanking or pulling on the necklace, as this can damage the strand.

These simple tips will help keep your pearls looking beautiful for years!


Where should I buy a pearl necklace?

You can buy a pearl necklace at various places, but you must be careful to avoid scams. The best place to buy a pearl necklace is from the WSSXC store. From the WSSXC store, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality piece of jewelry at a fair price. The WSSXC store offers a wide variety of pearl necklaces in different styles, sizes, and colors. You’re sure to find the perfect necklace for you! At the WSSXC store, you can also take advantage of our 30-day return policy.

While picking out a diamond, it is essential to consider the "Four Cs": color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. These factors will impact the price of the necklace, so take your time when deciding. At the WSSXC store, you can rest assured that whatever jewelry you buy will be of high quality at a reasonable price. It's vital to pick a necklace you enjoy and will feel comfortable wearing.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that not all pearls are created equal. Be sure to do your research and only buy from reputable sources. This will ensure you're getting high-quality pearls that will last a lifetime. When you’re ready to buy a pearl necklace, head to the WSSXC store. You won’t be disappointed!